At Dixon University Center RSVP Required Year in Review and Induction of Rotary Officers and Board

Start Date: Monday, July 10, 2017 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

Program: A Look Back and looking forward.  Imm. Past President Steve will give his year in review, District Governor Una Martone will Install Officers / Directors and President Sam Levine will present "LOOKING FORWARD TO A NEW, GREAT AND ROBUST YEAR"!

HERE WE GO AGAIN.....saying "good bye" to another great, fastidious, Rotary President for old #23!  He has not asked to do it again(!) , but that does not diminish his true understanding of the mission of International Rotary and his dedication to it!  With wisdom and steady leadership he impacted our growth, our commitment and our enhanced positive impact on our community. Let's give President Steve a solid farewell and a salute for a job Extremely Well Done! Thanks Steve!!!

Truly, in our annual life together as a club and as Rotarians, one of the most important and challenging events is the installation of our new president.   And this year, we really have another good one!  Pres. Sam will outline his plans for the year ahead, and charge us as to how we can join him in advancing the impact, quality and growing significance of Old Club #23 In All The World.  Let's honor him and recommit as individuals to our Rotary ideals and actions!

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