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Rotary Roundup for May 14, 2012

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May 14, 2012

Stephen-MacDonald-LVCSpeaker: Stephen MacDonald, President Lebanon Valley College

Dr. Stephen Macdonald, President of Lebanon Valley College, has been invited to speak to this hot question, "IS SPENDING $45,000.00 ON A PRIVATE COLLEGE REALLY WORTH IT"?   There is increased discussion in many diversified sectors regarding the value now and in the near future regarding the changing value of a college degree. Cost is a lead item creating controversy.

Greeter and Good News Reporter:  Corinne Rebinski
Invocation:  Al Schmidt
Club Singing:  Karen Paris
Publications:  Carrie W. Thomas

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5/14  Stephen MacDonald, President Lebanon Valley College "IS SPENDING $45,000.00 ON A PRIVATE COLLEGE REALLY WORTH IT"?
5/21  Community Service Award and Scholarship Recipients
5/28  NO MEETING – Memorial Day

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The Lebanon Valley College Board of Trustees named Dr. Stephen C. MacDonald the College’s 17th president on October 8, 2004. MacDonald had been LVC’s vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty since 1998 and had served as acting president since May 2004.

As dean, MacDonald worked with the College faculty and former president to help initiate several new academic programs that contributed to enrollment growth and increased academic recognition for the College. Most notably, he oversaw the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program with physical therapy faculty as they guided the new program to full accreditation by the national Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education.

As president, MacDonald has overseen the construction and completion of the College’s multi-million dollar renovation and revitalization of Lynch Memorial Hall into an advanced technology teaching and learning center. He recently completed working with the dean and faculty on an $18 million revitalization of the College’s Neidig-Garber Science Center, oversaw the new construction of the $12 million Stanson Residence Hall, and oversaw the $2.3 million historic renovation of the Humanities Building, among other capital and academic improvement projects.

MacDonald also led the College in completing the $50 million Great Expectations Campaign with funds used toward endowment, capital construction, and current operations. He established the College’s first Sustainability Task Force to embrace the goal of environmental sustainability and encouraged curricular and co-curricular programs related to sustainability.

MacDonald has worked toward establishing a positive relationship with local communities and has supported downtown improvement efforts with two gifts totaling $500,000 committed by the College toward Annville’s Streetscape Projects. Continuing his work as dean, President MacDonald has expanded student/faculty research outside of the College’s nationally recognized undergraduate science programs across the curriculum and has initiated several programs to increase LVC’s student retention rates.

Prior to coming to LVC, MacDonald served as associate dean of Dickinson College and director of the Central Pennsylvania Consortium, and he taught history at Lynchburg College in Virginia and at the University of Maine at Fort Kent.

A native of Massachusetts, MacDonald is a magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa history graduate of Tufts University and earned a doctorate in history from the University of Virginia. His areas of interest and expertise include modern European and modern German history.

He is married to the journalist Mary Warner. Their son, John MacDonald, also a journalist, lives in New York City.

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LAST ROTARY MEETING:  5/7/12      Minutes by Peter Henninger
President Bob called the meeting to order at 12:15.  Howard Ross provided a thought-provoking invocation. John Hickey then led the club, visiting Rotarians and guests, in a stirring rendition of our National Anthem.  After the Pledge of Allegiance followed by our weekly meet and greet, Jeff Oswald then took the microphone and introduced Shannon Powers, a guest of our speaker for the day, Una Martone, who introduced her guest and Harrisburg Rotary Club applicant Marqita Jones, James Good, who introduced his guest and Maria Persico introduced her two guests, including former Rotarian Joe Schatt.

Dave Bedard then introduced our Rotary Exchange Student, Anti, and Jeff Boswell closed by introducing our visiting Rotarian all the way from Hershey, Susan Steadman (sp).

Stacey Klann then gave her mini classification speech.  Stacey informed the club that she grew up in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, attended Clarion University where she received her undergraduate degree in marketing.  She then moved on to Cleveland, Ohio, and worked with National City Bank and then PNC after merger for approximately ten (10) years, moving here to the Harrisburg area two (2) years ago.  She informed the club that she and her husband have two dogs, a toy poodle named Pepper Marie, and another dog whose name escapes me.  Stacey’s hobbies include camping and wine-making.  Stacey currently works for M & T in the Business Banking Department and became interested in Rotary through her boss at M & T, Fred Hartman. Stacey is looking forward to being an active member of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg.

Next Bill Spahr took to the microphone with his able assistant, Peggy Grove, to introduce our students and teachers of the quarter.  Ephraim Lewis, accompanied by his father, Ephraim Lewis Sr., is the vice president of his senior class at John Harris High School.  From there he is going to attend Shippensburg University, majoring in Business Administration with his goal being to open a youth center for children. The Sci Tech teacher of the quarter, Jill Schiessl, related the stunning resume of the Sci Tech student of the month. Jill related she was in her 8th year teaching at Sci Tech and related her exciting news of being cancer free, and how she could not have made it through this battle without the support of the students at Sci Tech.

President Bob then announced that there will be good news reporting next week so bring your money and your good news.  Bob then noted that the Student Exchange Committee would be meeting after conclusion of this meeting and indicated that they were looking for a third home for Anti in the Cumberland Valley School District.  Therefore if anybody knows of anyone who would be interested or might be persuaded to bring Anti into their home, they need to contact the committee.

Bob Hostetter, after a short monologue regarding Cinco de Mayo, introduced our speaker of the day, JoAnn L. Edwards, the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Committee whose presentation was titled “What Kind of Society Are We Becoming?”  JoAnn related that she has only been in place for ten months, replacing Homer Floyd, who was the director of the Commission for 41 years’.  She shared that she was honored to succeed Homer and that in her first ten months, she believes she is well on her way to continuing the transformation of the PHRC into a government agency that works with the employers and employees to not only enforce the non-discrimination laws, but also educating the employers and the public at large with regards to equal opportunity under the law.  Ms. Edwards related that the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act predated the 1963 Civil Rights Act by eight years and that the scope and reach of the Human Relations Act has expanded over the years to include sex discrimination, disability discrimination, in addition to race and other areas.

JoAnn related that when she took the position that she knows that many thought she couldn’t speak for those discriminated against if she didn’t “look” like them.  JoAnn related that discrimination exists in many ways and cautioned us that we all need to understand that how we treat each other affects all of us.  JoAnn feels that she can speak for those different from her because she has taken the time to listen to them.  JoAnn believes that history shows us that awareness over the past 50+ years since the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act has come into place has led to diminished discrimination, but that discrimination is far from gone in our society.  We have come a long way, there is still a long way to go.

JoAnn related that she knows what we, as business people deal with, but that the bottom line is that diversity of our workforce will allow us to better serve our clients and customers.  She emphasized that the Humans Relations Commission is not just on the side of the claimant, but is providing training for businesses, schools and employers at no cost, and that the goal of the Human Relation Commission, under her watch, the over-riding goal is to eliminate discrimination, not to penalize those who unfortunately still practice it.  She indicated that the Human Relation Commission wants to be businesses’ partner, not their adversary and was very glad to report that employment discrimination complaints have decreased 20% in each of the last two (2) years.

In conclusion, JoAnn said that she is an optimist and that she sees solutions to the issues at hand.

After an excellent question-answer, our meeting was concluded at 1:15 p.m.



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